Trash & Recycling Pick Up for Pine Mountain Club

Alpine Pickup LLC is finally bringing the convenience of trash and recycling pickup to the PMC community. No more driving to the PMC Transfer Station!


Approved by the PMCPOA

We have worked hand in hand with the PMCPOA to assure our service is compliant with all local and county regulations.


Door-to-truck Appointments

All pickups are by appointment only. Schedule and hand your trash and recycling directly to one of our friendly staff!


Technology = Convenience

Use our website to register for our monthly subscription service, schedule appointments for pickup, and track driver location in real time.

Respecting our forest

Since our service is tailor-made for Pine Mountain Club, we are committed to preserving our community’s natural beauty. Our service is appointment based to make sure all trash and recycling is transferred from your door directly to our capable staff with no need for outdoor bins.

Streamlined for short-term rentals

Our service is perfect for homeowners opting to use their property for short-term and vacation rentals. Alpine Pickup LLC takes the responsibility for trash and recycling disposal out of the hands of renters who may not have experience with our community trash/recycling policies.

Choose a plan that meets your needs

Alpine Pickup LLC offers several subscription-based plans as well as one-time pickups for local full time residents, short-term rental owners and community businesses. Choose the options that best fit your needs based on quantity and type of trash/recycling pickup required.